AN03 Chicken


Our chickens are quirky and colourful, and come in four colour variations; rooster, brown hen, tan hen, and custom.

Customised painting is an additional $10 per chicken. For a customised colouring when you place an order, please send us a couple of photos of your chosen bird which clearly show its markings. We hand-mix the paint colour for each figure so please ensure the lighting of the photo is true-to-life. Our models are 1:32 scale so the bird is tiny which means that details will be scaled down or stylised.

Your chooks will be wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap for shipping. A presentation box with foam insert is available for an additional $10 - please advise us when placing the order that you would like a presentation box and we will add it to your order. Orders for multiple chickens will be boxed in the same box.

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