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Imperial Productions

Hand-crafted in New Zealand

Traditional gloss 1/32 scale

The definitive toy soldiers

Historically accurate

Fine Miniatures since 1982

Imperial is taking a break

We are currently travelling overseas for a year or two, so Imperial is taking a break. We will see you again when we return and re-open for orders.

Orders for all sets are now closed.

While we are away, our team will be working on building up some inventory and developing exciting new products.

Thanks for your understanding - we look forward to sharing some exciting new items in a couple of years.

In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with news about toy soldiers as we travel around, and for news on when orders will re-open.

If you have any questions you can send us an email at:

Created by hand in New Zealand

Imperial was started by David Cowe in 1982 and has established a worldwide reputation for the finest quality traditional gloss miniatures. Our product is hand made in New Zealand and is not mass-produced; even our boxes are hand made. Our process takes time, but we believe that care and quality cannot be rushed in the production of what are essentially miniature works of art.

David Cowe is our master sculptor, creating Imperial's unique style; blending historical accuracy with the simplicity of toys. Proportions, movement and elegance grace our figures, and are distinctive Imperial features. Lisa Cowe is our head painter, delivering consistently beautiful paint finishes in historically accurate, vibrant colours.

We hope that you enjoy your Imperial figures as much as we enjoy making them for you.


We decide on new products to develop, then do extensive research on uniforms, poses and treatment of the subject. We consider how the figure will ultimately be cast, and David scultps the original model by hand.

Mould Making

Two moulds are made; a single investment cast mould in which the master figures are made, and a production mould in which multiple copies of the masters are put into a circular silicone mould for casting.


Metal (lead-free pewter which is 95% tin) is melted and poured into the moulds which are being spun at high RPM. The sprues are removed and the figures prepared for priming. Quality control is important here to ensure complete and accurate castings.


The figures and attachments are primed and painted with high gloss enamel paint. Some figures have as many as 14 different colours, each of which needs to dry before the next can be applied. Horses are spray painted to create natural fade effects.


The final steps are assembling/gluing the pieces together, making the boxes by hand, doing the final quality checks, packing them and then shipping them off to a happy customer.