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Orders and Process

We operate on a make-to-order basis and do not typically carry products in stock. When you order from us, we will first confirm the order, then we will make it by hand to our high quality standards. Once the order is ready we will send you an invoice with payment instructions, and then we will ship your products on receipt of payment. If we do not receive payment within seven days of the date of invoice, we reserve the right to cancel your order (although we will send you an email reminder first).

Depending on the time of year it can take between five and ten weeks between placing an order and shipping. Larger orders, other commitments or unforeseen disruptions can affect our timeframes, however we will communicate any potential delays with you at the time we confirm your order. We post scheduled delays (for example, the Christmas period) on the home page of our website. We may split higher value or large orders into smaller batches for shipping.

Our current average production timeframe is: 6 weeks (July 2023)

In some cases we may have the products you wish to purchase immediately available, in which case you will be invited to checkout and pay immediately upon ordering, and we will then dispatch the shipment. For example, all the products in our second-hand ranges are available for immediate purchase and shipping.

We are also happy to receive orders via email ( or telephone (+64 27 261 0881). On occasion we will attend trade shows or open our Greytown shop for special openings. If we do not have the products you wish to purchase in stock on these occasions, we can take orders in person. Our newsletters and social media will have details on upcoming events.