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Town and Around

Victorian era figures displaying historically accurate costumes, colours and activities.

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TA75 Fly Fisherman
TA75 Fly Fisherman Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA74 Sandwich Board man
TA74 Sandwich Board man Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA73 Father Christmas
TA73 Father Christmas Sale price$140.00 NZD
TA72 Organ Grinder and Monkey
TA72 Organ Grinder and Monkey Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA71 Piggyback Girls
TA71 Piggyback Girls Sale price$70.00 NZD
TA70 Tiny Gooseherd
TA70 Tiny Gooseherd Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA69 Boy on Donkey
TA69 Boy on Donkey Sale price$120.00 NZD
TA68 Girl on Donkey
TA68 Girl on Donkey Sale price$120.00 NZD
TA67 Kissing Couple
TA67 Kissing Couple Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA66 Feathered Friends
TA66 Feathered Friends Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA65 Football
TA65 Football Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA64 Father and Daughter
TA64 Father and Daughter Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA63 Mother and Son
TA63 Mother and Son Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA62 Father and Son
TA62 Father and Son Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA61 Mother and Daughter
TA61 Mother and Daughter Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA60 Ring a ring o' roses
TA60 Ring a ring o' roses Sale price$150.00 NZD
TA59 Ducks Crossing
TA59 Ducks Crossing Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA58 Batter up
TA58 Batter up Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA57 Cricket
TA57 Cricket Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA56 Officer and Lady
TA56 Officer and Lady Sale price$120.00 NZD
TA55 Punch and Judy
TA55 Punch and Judy Sale price$150.00 NZD
TA54 Good Day
TA54 Good Day Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA53 On the Pier
TA53 On the Pier Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA52 Man about Town
TA52 Man about Town Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA51 Streetlamps
TA51 Streetlamps Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA50 Valentine
TA50 Valentine Sale price$120.00 NZD
TA49 The Family Outing
TA49 The Family Outing Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA48 The Chimney Sweep
TA48 The Chimney Sweep Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA47 Muffin Man
TA47 Muffin Man Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA46 Little Mother
TA46 Little Mother Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA45 To the Opera
TA45 To the Opera Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA44 Grandma
TA44 Grandma Sale price$110.00 NZD
TA43 Dove cote
TA43 Dove cote Sale price$110.00 NZD
TA42 Gentleman Golfer
TA42 Gentleman Golfer Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA41 Lady Golfer
TA41 Lady Golfer Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA40 Mother's Joy
TA40 Mother's Joy Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA39 Butchers Boy
TA39 Butchers Boy Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA38 Little Teacher
TA38 Little Teacher Sale price$110.00 NZD
TA37 The Picnic
TA37 The Picnic Sale price$130.00 NZD
TA36 Dolls Tea Party
TA36 Dolls Tea Party Sale price$110.00 NZD
TA35 Yuletide
TA35 Yuletide Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA34 Roses
TA34 Roses Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA33 Promenade
TA33 Promenade Sale price$70.00 NZD
TA32 Bridal Couple
TA32 Bridal Couple Sale price$120.00 NZD
TA31 Auld Lang Syne
TA31 Auld Lang Syne Sale price$60.00 NZD
TA30 The Snowman
TA30 The Snowman Sale price$110.00 NZD
TA29 Letter to Santa
TA29 Letter to Santa Sale price$110.00 NZD
TA28 Gentleman Winter
TA28 Gentleman Winter Sale price$60.00 NZD