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TA75 Fly Fisherman

Sale price$100.00 NZD

In the mid to late 1900's, fly fishing became a popular pastime in England. Increased leisure time for the lower and middle classes combined with the improved access to rivers resulting from the expansion of the railway network transformed fishing from an elitist activity to a popular recreational pastime.

A number of high quality publications on fly fishing were produced in the mid 1800s which became valuable references for the layperson, and corresponding technological improvements in equipment further commercialised the hobby.

Rivers around the world were also explored and fished by keen anglers, making fly fishing a global sport.

Our fly fisher is dressed in a tweed country suit complete with hat, catch basket and boots. He is in the act of casting and his rod is complete with a line and tiny lure at the end.

TA75 Fly Fisherman
TA75 Fly Fisherman Sale price$100.00 NZD