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Hunting Series

Herewith a series of fine figures showing the traditional hunt.  Elegant figures, dynamic horse poses, accompanied by the characteristic fox hounds.  The combined series contains four riders, two male, two female, and twelve hounds. You can purchase more dogs to build up a larger pack.

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HS1 Huntsman with hunting horn
HS1 Huntsman with hunting horn Sale priceFrom $180.00 NZD
HS2 Huntsman
HS2 Huntsman Sale priceFrom $180.00 NZD
HS3 Huntswoman, top hat
HS3 Huntswoman, top hat Sale priceFrom $180.00 NZD
HS4 Huntswoman, bowler hat
HS4 Huntswoman, bowler hat Sale priceFrom $180.00 NZD