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Sustainability and Materials

All of our products are hand made by us in New Zealand. Where possible we use sustainable materials and work methods that minimise the impact on the environment.


We cast figures in a lead-free pewter alloy and have done so since 2021 when we took over the business. The alloy is comprised of tin (95%), copper (2%) and bismuth (3%). We only use virgin ingots from reputable metal foundries. As of 2023 we require our suppliers to test each batch to ensure it meets our specifications.

Prior to 2021 our figures were cast using a white metal alloy that did contain some lead (<30%) and our boxes were labelled accordingly.


We use recycled cardboard for our boxes and where possible, our shipping cartons. Our shipping filler material is a starch based packing popcorn that is biodegradable in water.

While we use packaging foam in our product boxes to keep the figures secure and undamaged, we would love to source a more sustainable alternative. We have investigated several options (for example, felt) but have not yet found any that meet our critical requirements of being long-lasting, easy to cut, and firm enough that it holds the figures securely in their boxes.