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TA73 Father Christmas

Sale price$140.00 NZD

The Victorian era saw the evolution of the concept of Father Christmas from traditional festive and religious ideas towards a more commercial concept. That concept would ultimately be "marketed" in the 20th century to come.

Many images of Father Christmas in Victorian times included the carrying of a Christmas tree, a long robe and cap, and a sack laden with traditional presents. Many images had him in green or even blue robes as well as the now-iconic Christmas red.

We are pleased to present a superbly detailed Father Christmas for your enjoyment. This figure showcases David Cowe's skills in the intricate detail of sculpting twelve separate Christmas toys, as well as solving the challenge of casting a Christmas tree carried over the shoulder.

The figure is 54mm high, many of the toys are tiny but instantly recognisable and painstakingly painted with Lisa's usual precision and finesse.  

Father Christmas is carrying twelve separate Christmas toys: skittles, two balls, a train, large doll, toy soldier (of course), small doll, wrapped gift, elephant pull-along, horse, horn, jack-in-the-box, and a decorated tree. 

This figure is cast in eleven separate pieces, the highest number for any one figure in our range.  To showcase this special set we have covered the box in Christmas red Imperial paper.

TA73 Father Christmas
TA73 Father Christmas Sale price$140.00 NZD