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The David Cowe Collection

David Cowe founded Imperial Productions in 1982 and ran the business from Greytown New Zealand for close to 40 years before it changed hands in 2021. David continues to be the Master Sculptor of Imperial Productions products.

David did not personally buy Imperial's products, being surrounded by them each day, but he did own some of the earliest sets produced.  He is now making those sets available for purchase.

We are pleased to present the David Cowe collection, a rare opportunity to purchase mint condition sets from the earliest product ranges.  These sets are effectively New Old Stock, never having been displayed or transported, the colours are fresh and the boxes are as new (with some slight ageing on end labels due to the passage of time).

The sets in this collection are examples of the finest paint quality in those early sets. 

We are also featuring an exceptionally rare original casting of set number 11: Gilbert Mair and the Arawa Flying Squad.  See our newsletter for the story of this rare set.

All sets are being sold via auction.  Customers are asked to register before placing a bid.

The David Cowe Collection

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