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Imperial Productions does not currently carry inventory, and makes product to order.  When you order from our website (or via telephone), we make the product and then charge you when the product is ready to be shipped. 

To place an order, select the products you want and add them to your shopping cart as normal.  On placing your order, you will be taken to a page similar to a checkout page, but one that does not require payment.

You will be asked to provide your contact details and shipping information and then confirm your order.  While the product pricing will be accurate, and reflect whether you pay sales tax in NZ or not, shipping costs will be an estimate only at this stage.  For small orders, the estimate should be reasonably close, for larger orders it may be subject to final packaging dimensions and weights.

Typically it takes 8-10 weeks from placing an order to shipping.  This may be longer at peak periods, or in the event that COVID alert levels in New Zealand change. 

Imperial will then proceed to make your products and will notify you if there is any variation to expected delivery timeframes.

In the future Imperial will stock some items in which case they can be immediately purchased, paid for and shipped.