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Article: New Release - Father Christmas

New Release - Father Christmas

New Release - Father Christmas

We are very proud to present a new Town & Around release: Father Christmas.

You might be a bit surprised that we haven't produced a Father Christmas figure to date! We think he's worth the wait - just look at the superb detail on that sculpt. We suspect David might have been planning the tiny details for years!

Our beautiful Father Christmas is a classic Victorian styled Santa - he is wearing a long robe and cap, and is laden down with a decorated Christmas tree, a satchel and a sack full of goodies. Can you spot all twelve of the Christmas gifts he is bringing to lucky girls and boys: skittles, two balls, a train, two dolls, a wrapped gift, an elephant pull-along, a horse, a horn, a jack-in-the-box, and of course the ultimate gift: a tiny little Imperial Productions toy soldier.

We think this is the most intricate and detailed sculpt in our entire Imperial Productions range, and each tiny individual piece (there are eleven separate pieces that are cast separately then assembled into this figure) has been precisely crafted by hand. The figure is a showcase of David's total mastery of his medium and his absolute joy and care in his work.

The Father Christmas figure comes boxed in a special red star Imperial Productions paper. We will have it available in Chicago so that collectors can admire it up close.

See the set here

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