New Town and Around release - Organ Grinder and Monkey

We are delighted to share with you our latest Town and Around release - Organ Grinder with Monkey.

Meet the latest addition to our Town & Around range, the Organ Grinder and Monkey.

A common sight (and sound) on 19th century street corners, the organ grinder made his way through the town each day, playing a limited repertoire of popular songs: each one was programmed into the street organ meaning that the song was cranked out of it, rather than played.

The most beautiful street organs were made in Italy, and Italian organ manufacturers sprang up in other parts of Europe and the US as Italians emigrated. By 1880 it is reported that up to one in 20 Italian men in New York were organ grinders, working to support their families.

David has carefully sculpted this figure based on a print of an Italian organ grinder, and designed the paint colours in keeping with what would have been the style at the time. As well as the figure, the organ itself has called for particular sculpting skill and balance to ensure its weight is correctly placed. Lisa's fine painting talent has ensured that the Tyrolean mountains of the organ grinder's homeland are depicted on the front organ panels in incredible detail.

What about the monkey? Organ grinders commonly kept a tame capuchin monkey to provide entertainment, carry out tricks, and collect coins from passersby. Our tiny little monkey is small enough to climb up and sit on the organ - a prime position.

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