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Article: Field Marshal Blücher and new Town & Around sets

Field Marshal Blücher and new Town & Around sets

Field Marshal Blücher and new Town & Around sets

We are very excited to announce our first new product release since taking over the Imperial business.

Set 153 Field Marshal Blücher.

Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher and his horse are the first Prussians to join the ranks of our Napoleonic range. We have chosen to depict Blücher because he and his troops, known as the Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine, played such a decisive role in defeating Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. A remarkable character, the Battle of Waterloo came only two days after his near death in the Battle of Ligny when his horse was fatally shot out from under him. He lay wounded and trapped under his horse for several hours while being ridden over by cavalry, saved from the French by the actions of his subordinate who threw a coat over him to disguise the distinctive colours of his Field Marshal uniform. Once he was finally able to emerge, he treated his own wounds with a paste of garlic and rhubarb, threw back some schnapps and rejoined the battle. He was 72.

In sculpting Blücher, David took inspiration from a combination of images that show Blücher in action, rather than a single portrait. He aimed to depict movement, which we can see in the lines of Blücher's flowing greatcoat and the mane of his beautiful horse. With its perfect proportions and careful detailing we think that this set is a very fine addition to our Napoleonic range.

Town & Around set 71: Piggyback Girls

As well as Field Marshal Blücher we are also proud to announce the release of a new Town and Around set: Piggyback Girls.

This charming set was originally inspired by a Victorian magazine cover that recently caught David's eye. He was intrigued by the technical complexity of modelling the two girls. It is a challenge to achieve the correct proportions when sculpting a figure carrying another person, let alone one of a smaller stature, and we are all thrilled with the result.

The Piggyback Girls are reminiscent of our collective childhood - a simpler time when children played outside and made their own games. As parents we like to imagine the Piggyback Girls are sisters, which makes it particularly endearing to see the elder sibling taking care of the little girl.

Both sets are available to order here:

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