New Napoleonic sets into production

We are excited to announce that Imperial is bringing three new military sets in the Napoleonic range into production. These sets were created by David Cowe in 2020 and while several have been made for lucky collectors, they have not been in Imperial’s regular catalogue until now. These sets are:

- 151 and 151a Pavlovski Grenadiers 1806. These beautiful figures are the first produced by Imperial with the mitre cap that was the hallmark of the Pavlovskis, a Russian regiment that fought against Napoleon’s forces. The figures are shown in their 1806 uniforms, as the mitre cap had been abolished by the time of the Battle of Klyastitsy in 1812, but are otherwise modelled after Peter von Hess’ painting “Battle of Klyastitsy”, as below. 

Set 151 comprises an officer and five men, while 151a comprises six men advancing.

152 Scots Greys, Waterloo 1815. This is a set of three mounted cavalry charging with raised sabres and was modelled after the iconic painting “Scotland Forever” by Lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson). The set showcases the bearskin caps and grey mounts which were the trademarks of the Scots Greys: “second to none”. 


All three sets are now available to order via our website: Alternatively please feel free to drop us a line at - we welcome your queries and feedback! 
Now that our production capacity is increasing we will also be releasing brand new sets throughout the year, so keep an eye on our website and make sure to sign up to our email list at the bottom of this page to keep up to date with our new releases. 
If you happen to be in Greytown, these figures and others from our current range are displayed in the window of the old Imperial Productions shop.

Mark and Bridget