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153 Field Marshal Blücher

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Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher was a distinguished Prussian military leader.  Upon Napoleon's return from exile he was recalled from retirement to lead a Prussian army (the army of the Lower Rhine) as part of a 7th Coalition of allies against France in 1815.

Two days prior to Waterloo, the Prussian army was defeated by the French at Ligny, only to regroup and act as a decisive factor in the allied victory at Waterloo.  During the battle of Ligny, Blücher lay trapped under his dead horse for several hours after impetuously leading a cavalry charge.  He was repeatedly ridden over by French lancers searching for survivors, and went unrecognised thanks to his aide, Count Nostitz disguising Blücher's uniform and identity with a greatcoat.  A stubborn character, after treating his wounds, Blücher rejoined his army and intervened decisively on the afternoon of June 18 both through direct engagement on the field and in preventing Napoleon's reserves from supporting the main French forces.

While often depicted in full dress uniform, Blücher is shown here in his field uniform, mounted on a white horse which would have been a replacement for the mount shot out from under him at Ligny.