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On June 21, 1879, whilst advancing against the Zulu Army, Lord Chelmsford the British commander misreading the situation divided his forces, leaving one portion in camp at Isandhlwana and marching out with the other. On June 22 the camp was attacked by the main Zulu impi and a massacre ensued. Of the 950 Europeans 55 survived and of the 850 Natal Kaffirs 300 survived.

In the midst of the battle Lieutenant Melville galloped from the camp in an effort to save the Queen’s Colour of the 1st Battalion 24th Foot and to his assistance rode Lieutenant Coghill, but both men eventually fell to Zulu warriors.

There were in 1879 no provisions for the posthumous award of the Victoria Cross, but in 1907 this regulation was changed, and the first two posthumous crosses ever awarded went to the families of these two officers.

The mounted figures of Melville and Coghill depicted in this set are based upon the famous painting by Alfonse de Neuville.

100 Saving the Colours at Isandhlwana
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