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101 Chasseurs à Cheval, Trumpeter

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101 Chasseurs à Cheval, Trumpeter

The Mounted Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard were a light cavalry regiment in the French Imperial Guard. They were the second senior "Old Guard" cavalry regiment of the Imperial Guard, after the Grenadiers à Cheval. The Chasseurs provided Napoleon's personal escort, and he often wore the uniform of the regiment in recognition of this service. The regiment was well known for its lavish uniform as well as its combat history.

The Chasseurs à cheval were formed in 1800, commanded by Napoleon's stepson, captain Eugène de Beauharnais (Imperial set 96). As Bonaparte's political dominance grew, so to did the status of the Chasseurs à Cheval.

The Chasseurs participated in every major campaign and were involved in around forty battles. Some of their more notable engagements include their infamous charge at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, and their notorious contribution within Murat's charge at Eylau (1807)

This 1/32 scale miniature trumpeter wears a uniform of white colpack/bearskin, sky blue tunic with dark red and gold looping and lace, and pelisse of dark red with sky blue and gold looping and lace.

His horse is a dappled grey and carries the regimental trumpeters schabracque.

It is an elegant example of Imperial's historical Napoleonic range of the finest hand crafted traditional glossy toy soldiers.