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116 Gordon Highlanders, Waterloo 1815

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The 92nd Gordon Highlanders were first to encounter their French foe in Egypt, and for these actions were to add to their colours the Sphinx and word Egypt.  Then after Denmark, the Peninsula campaign under Moore and the forced marches of retreat to Corunna and evacuation.  Sent again to the Peninsula with Wellington in command the 92nd were to add the battle honours of Fuentes d’Onor, Almaraz, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nive, Orthes and Peninsula.

With Napoleon escaping from exile in February 1815, Europe was again at war.  On reaching Belgium the 92nd formed part of Sir Thomas Picton’s Fifth Division.  At sunrise on the morning of 16 May they formed in line on the Namur Road to be pounded by French artillery, and to repulse charging curassiers.  All that afternoon the battle raged with the 92nd in the charge that drove the French from their positions at Quatre-Bras.  The next day with LaHaye Sainte to its right the 92nd were held in reserve, but as the allies line gave way Pack’s words came “92nd you must charge for all the troops to your right and left have given way.”  Forming four deep they advanced, fired a volley and charged to be joined by the Scots Greys.  Two eagles and over a thousand men were captured.  All day the battle raged until victory late that evening.

This set is in memory of James Gauld, 92nd Highlanders, for his gallantry at Almarez, Peninsula War.