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134 Officer 5th Chevau-Légers Lancers, 1st Empire

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Uniformed and equipped as 3rd Lancers, except regimental facing colour on uniform and horse schabraque is in the 5th’s regimental colour of sky blue.

In 1811 Napoleon converted six regiments of Dragoons into Lancers of the line.  Serving with valour in the campaign of 1812 they were almost destroyed, but were rebuilt and well led and played an important role in Napoleon’s last campaigns.

At Quatre Bras the 5th Chevau-Legers Lancers were heavily engaged, almost overwhelming some British battalions, and came close to capturing the Duke of Wellington. At Waterloo they fought on the left flank of the French army spending the day skirmishing with the British forces in the area west of the chateau of Hougoumont, and as the French army retreated were one of the regiments that formed the rearguard.