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135 Fusiliers Line Infantry, 1st Empire

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It was the many regiments of the Line Infantry that formed the backbone of Napoleon’s army. These fusiliers wear the 1812 pattern shako topped with blue pompom. Their 1812 pattern short tailed jacket has white lapels with red piping. They wear short leggings.

Each of these regiments could put two battalions in the field, with each battalion composed of six companies - one of grenadiers, one of voltigeurs and four of fusiliers.

When advancing into battle the battalion often employed a column formation, but depending on the situation could also advance in square or in line.  The function of the voltigeurs was to process the battalion and to form a screen of skirmishers to harass the enemy. The men in this set are depicted in the uniform as prescribed in the new dress regulations of January, 1812.