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Of all the Imperial Regiments that were stationed in New Zealand last century, none had a finer record or served longer than the 65th (Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot.

Arriving in New Zealand from Australia in 1846, it was soon active in the Wellington and Wanganui skirmishes of 1846-47. The Regiment distinguished itself in the Taranaki and Waikato campaigns of 1860-66, earning two Victoria Crosses and six Distinguished Conduct Medals.

With Headquarters based mainly in Wellington, the unit was accepted with warmth and gratitude by the early settlers during the 1848 series of earthquakes when the Regiment gave shelter, succour and service. This duty was repeated for the 1855 earthquake. In 1856 disaster struck again when a major fire threatened the whole central town area, and it was the soldiers that saved the infant settlement. For this the townspeople donated the Regiment with what became known as the ‘Wellington Plate’ a beautiful collection of silver.

After returning to the United Kingdom, the 65th was amalgamated with the 84th Regiment to form the York and Lancaster Regiment. This unit continued its association with Wellington when in 1913 it affiliated with the 5th (Wellington) Rifles, the latter becoming in 1921 the Wellington Regiment.

The York and Lancaster Regiment disappeared in the 1969 Army reforms, and the ‘Wellington Plate’ was returned to the care of the Wellington City Council.

No. 14 was a special item made to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Wellington (New Zealand) department store, Kirkaldie and Stains. The box lid included a silver commemorative sticker, and an internal background photograph similar to first sets produced.

14 65th Regiment of Foot, 1863
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