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141 21st Lancers, Battle of Omdurman 1898

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At dawn on the 2nd September 1898, the battle of Omdurman commenced with the advance of the 50,000 strong Mahdist army. Met by the terrible fire power of Sir Herbert Kitchener's force of British, Egyptian and Sudanese many of the Mahdist army began a retreat to Omdurman.  Fearing that they may regroup for another attack, Kitchener ordered the 21st Lancers to disperse them.

Charging forward the lancer's four squadrons stumbled into an unseen ravine containing about 1,500 of the enemy who immediately attacked.  Having passed through the enemy the lancers dismounted and with their carbines drove them back into the shrapnel of the British artillery.  This was the end of the Mahdist army.

Attached to the 21st Lancers during this battle was Lieutenant Winston Churchill of the 4th Hussars.