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147 7th Hussars British Army, Waterloo 1815

Sale price$300.00 NZD

Between 1800 and 1807 the British army converted four regiments of Light Dragoons into Hussar regiments.

These became the 7th, 10th, 15th and 18th Hussars of which the Prince of Wales became such an enthusiastic patron that he had made a complete officer's uniform and appropriate saddlery and harness of the 10th Hussars so that he could parade with that regiment.

All four hussar regiments fought in the Peninsula campaign.  At Waterloo where the four regiments together mustered approximately 68 officers and 1,270 other ranks, they counter attacked Napoleon's cavalry numerous times and although victorious suffered severe casualties in both men and horses.

The 7th Hussars set features three mounted cavalry troopers with rifles and sabres. Brown fur caps with red bags and yellow cap lines.