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149 5th Hussars French Army, 1st Empire

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The regiment took part in many actions from Austerlitz 1805, to Wagram 1815 against the Prussians. They wear scarlet shakos with hat cords, sky blue jacket and white pelisse each with yellow looping, lace and buttons.

The 5th Hussars were originally formed by the Duc de Lavzun for service in America during the War of Independence and as part of ‘Lavzun’s Legion’ the Hussards de Lavzun fought at Yorktown notably skirmishing with British cavalry. During the 1st Empire the 5th Hussars saw action at Susterlitz, Zehednick, Stettin, Wagram, Borodino, Winkovo and in many other battles. 

Perhaps their finest service came during the 1806 campaign against Prussia when brigaded with the 7th Hussars and under General Lasalle they participated in the capture of the fortress of Stettin. In 1815 the 5th Hussars were part of General Pierre Soult’s Light Cavalry Division and not present at Waterloo but heavily engaged at Wavre against the Prussian Army.