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151a Pavlovski Grenadiers, 1806

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Set 151a is an add-on set to 151, and features six figures of Russian Pavlovski Grenadiers; all six men advancing.

Whilst the wearing of the Russian grenadier mitre cap was abolished in 1805, in favour of the shako helmet, the Pavlovski Regiment were still wearing theirs at the Battle of Friedland 1807.  For the regiment’s heroic action at Friedland, Alexander 1 ordered the regiment to retain their mitre caps.  Following Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812 the regiment was engaged at the Battles of Klyastity, Borodino, Tarutin, Polotsk, Chasniki, Berezin and entered Paris in 1814.  For services in the 1812 campaign the regiment was incorporated into the Russian Imperial Guard, and the mitre caps of about six hundred were worn for dress occasions until the Russian revolution of 1917.

The Grenadiers are shown in their 1806 uniforms, when Russia was part of the fourth coalition on the side of the British until the Tsar made peace with Napoleon after a heavy defeat at the battle of Friedland in 1807.  This peace lasted briefly until 1812 when Napoleon's Grand Armee invaded Russia in what was to become a catastrophic military defeat for Napoleon retreating from Moscow in a Russian winter.