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152 Scots Greys, Waterloo 1815

Sale price$300.00 NZD

Set 152 showcases three horses of the Scots Greys Cavalry a heavy dragoon unit equipped with sabres and carbines.  The tall bearskin hat and grey mounts are trademark features of the Greys, 'second to none'.

On the afternoon of 18 June 1815, at Waterloo, it looked likely that Wellington’s line was about to break. With Picton’s men giving way under the pressure of French numbers, the Earl of Uxbridge realising the threat ordered his two brigades, the Household Brigade and the Union Brigade to charge in support of Picton’s hard pressed infantry.  Led by Uxbridge this strength of almost 2500 men charged, sweeping back the French cavalry and the two advanced French infantry brigades.  Finally the cohesion of the two brigades became lost, and Napoleon upon sensing this ordered a counter attack by his cavalry. The remnants of the British heavy brigades were saved only by the counter charge of British and Allied cavalry.