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154 3rd (Dutch) Grenadiers-a-pied

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When Louis Napoleon, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte was made King of Holland in 1806, a new regiment of grenadiers or the royal guard was formed. These Dutch Grenadiers were made part of the French Imperial Guard in 1810 when Holland was annexed into the French Empire. In 1811, when the guard was expanded in anticipation of war with Russia, the Dutch Grenadiers became the 3rd Foot Grenadiers Regiment.  The war of 1812 was to be their first and last campaign.

By the time Napoleon reached Moscow in September, the 3rd had suffered over 1000 casualties, leaving 39 officers and 714 men. In the retreat from Moscow in November of 1812, the Dutch Grenadiers suffered almost total losses from both combat and conditions. At the battle of Krasnoi, 16,000 men of the Guard held off 35,000 Russians and won, saving the remainder of the French army. In the 3rd Regiment, 36 officers and just 17 men survived the action. The Dutch Grenadiers no longer existed and were officially disbanded in February 1813.

The Dutch Grenadiers were among the few units to use white uniforms in the French Army after the revolution. Cuffs, collar and lapels were crimson and the other point of difference from other Grenadiers was the absence of a copper plate on their bearskins.

Set 154 features an officer and five marching Grenadiers.