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The 2nd Battalion of the Black Watch arrived in South Africa on 14th November 1899. With the brigade commanded by Major General Andrew Wauchope they advanced against the Boers, well positioned on the 200-foot high Magersfontein Ridge. Not a man reached the ridge and Wauchope was among the swathes of men that fell in the mismanaged affair.

Later, under the command of Maj-Gen. Hector Macdonald the Battalion was in action at Koodoosberg Drift. Then on to Paardeberg Drift where again a frontal attack was made against devastating Boer rifle fire, with heavy casualties.

Although this frontal attack failed, the Boers were pinned down, and after a week’s bombardment they surrendered.

After the action at Poplar Grove the Black Watch marched into Bloemfontein, the Orange Free State capital. Then, after an epic march of 380 miles in 37 days they reached Pretoria.

As the war was ending the Black Watch was active in hunting down pockets of Boer commando resistance. In 1901, the 1st Battalion arrived to join the 2nd in occupation duty.

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