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35 1st Dragoon Guards, 1879 (pre-owned)

Sale price$240.00 NZD

The 1st Dragoons arrived in Africa as part of the reinforcements gathered in response to the disastrous first invasion.

They reached Rorke’s Drift on 20th May and the following day buried many of the dead at Isandhlwana. On the 2nd June one squadron discovered the body of the French Prince Imperial Louis Napoleon.

On 4th June they joined Biller’s mounted column and had their first skirmish with the enemy. During the advance on Ulundi they guarded the line of advance, and only twenty-four men remained to join the charge at Ulundi on 4th July. Later a small detachment captured the Zulu King Cetshwayo.

Condition: Very Good.  Paint colours fresh. Some looseness in the articulated sword arms, Original box in good condition.

Provenance: NZ collection.

35 1st Dragoon Guards, 1879 (pre-owned)
35 1st Dragoon Guards, 1879 (pre-owned) Sale price$240.00 NZD