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In 1878, Egypt was obliged to agree to its finances being superintended by France and England. This aroused such nationalist sentiment that the revolt led by Ahmed Arabi Pasha broke out in Alexandria, causing much loss of European life and property.

When an ultimatum to stop mounting guns on the Alexandria forts was ignored, the British fleet bombarded them on 11th July 1882, and Arabi with an estimated army of 100,000 retreated into the interior of Egypt. By 25th August, over 90 ships had landed the British Expeditionary Force under Lt. General Sir Garnet Wolseley in Egypt, and actions took place at Magfar and Kassassin. Finally at Tel-el-Kebir the rebel army of 25,000 infantry and 30,000 irregular cavalry were totally defeated on 13th September, 1882.

With a reorganisation, the Egyptian Army fought with the British in the following Sudan campaigns, against the Mahdist uprising.

55 Egyptian Infantry
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