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In 1882 a nationalist revolt led by Arabi Pasha, broke out in Alexandria, Egypt, causing much loss of European life and property.

After the Royal Navy’s bombardment of the Alexandrian coastal forts, a 400 strong Naval Brigade with a Gatling gun was landed and quickly restored order. Arabi Pasha and his army were forced to retreat inland and a 197 man Naval Brigade with 6 Gatlings took part in the rout of his army at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir on the 13th of September, 1882.

Dressed and equipped with their cutlass-bayonets as depicted in this set, and employing Gatling, Gardner and Nordenfeldt machine guns, brigades took part in the Sudan battles of El Teb, Tamai, Abu Klea, Abu Kru, Metemeh, Hasheen and McNeil’s Zeriba.

57 Naval Brigade
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