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61 Officer, Blackwatch (pre-owned)

Sale price$120.00 NZD

At Tel-el-Kebir, in September 1882, the Egyptian army was assembled behind extensive defence works. Sir Garnet Wolseley, concerned at attacking in the heat of the day ordered a night time advance. The Black Watch formed on the right of the 2nd Division’s Highland Brigade. At 1:30 a.m. the order to march was given.

As dawn broke, the Highlanders well in advance of the 1st Division, took the initial brunt of the heavy fire from the ramparts. On reaching the parapets, resistance was intense and mixed groups of Camerons, Gordons, Black Watch and Highland Light Infantry fought to clear the trenches.

With the 2nd Division’s infantry, cavalry and artillery now having effect, the Highlanders advanced to the defence’s interior. By 6:30 a.m. the Egyptian army was in retreat.

Condition: Excellent,as new. Never removed from original box.  Paint colours fresh. Original box in good condition.

Provenance: NZ collection.