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95 Chasseurs à Cheval

Sale price$300.00 NZD

Set 95 comprises a set of three Chasseurs à Cheval cavalry, an elite unit that served as personal guard to the Emperor.  

The imperial guard was a large and complex organisation including cavalry, infantry, artillery and marine regiments which were accorded a privileged status within the French Army.  Whilst primarily an elite combat unit its duties were also to provide a personal guard for the Emperor.On campaign the Imperial escort was usually the duty of a detachment of the Chasseurs à Cheval, providing a ‘screen’ when the Emperor was mounted, and when the Emperor dismounted doing likewise and forming square.  When headquarters were established for the night, the detachment guarded the building, with horses saddles ready for action.  Their battle honours cover an era from the Battle of Marengo 1800, against Austria; Austerlitz and Ulm 1805 against Austria and Russia, through to Waterloo 1815 against Britain and Prussia.