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The first shot fired by Southern state troops in the Civil War was from a 24-pounder smoothbore siege gun; part of a four gun battery manned by the Citadel Cadets, considered more familiar with gun drill than other militia units in the battery’s garrison.

The battery was at Cummings Point, Morris Island, in the Charleston Harbour. The target was the Union steamer ‘Star of the West’, attempting to reach the Union garrison at Fort Sumter.

There was hesitation at the seriousness of the firing on the United States flag, but the command “Commence firing” was given. At first the vessel paid no attention to the shots, then turned and put out to sea.

Cadet uniform regulation of 1843 prescribe a full dress uniform, and the fatigue uniform as worn on those momentous few minutes.

A13 Citadel Cadets Heavy Artillery
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