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NZ1 Girls' Khaki Brigade, Boer War

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The Navy and Army Illustrated journal of June 23 1900 displays a large photograph titled - ‘Invaders Beware’ and continues - ‘In New Zealand the ladies are thoroughly imbued with the Imperial sentiment. The corps here shown  is that known as “Lady Douglas’s Irresistible’s”., composed of the daughters of the most prominent men in the colony’.

The ranks of the 54 ladies photographed include Lieutenant Douglas, daughter of Sir Arthur Douglas, the Under Secretary for the Defence of the Colony, and Sergeant-Major Seddon, the daughter of the Premier, Richard Seddon.
Their object was to help increase the South African War Fund. Their drill exhibitions proved very popular. It is reported however, that when practicing their Indian club drills beside the French Embassy, they were asked with diplomacy, if they could practise elsewhere.
The corps became known locally as the Wellington Amazons after the Premier, Richard Seddon pronounced them to be ‘a perfect phalanx of Amazons’