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NZ13 NZ Army Officer Cadet Colour Party 2022

Sale price$250.00 NZD

Following the Human Rights Commission Act in 1977 which outlaws discrimination on the basis of gender, martial status and religious belief, the New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) became an integrated service. Women's services were integrated into the mainstream forces, including pay equality and maternity provisions. 1977 marked the first time that women completed the same NZ Army Officer Cadet training as men.

In 2007 legislation was passed removing all restrictions on women in combat roles across NZDF, reflecting Defense Force policy since 2000.

NZ Army Officer Cadets are based at the Army Command School in Waiouru New Zealand. Graduation ceremonies are held at the end of the year, with cadets in their distinctive Patrol Reds. In 2012 the ceremonial hat for NZ Army changed to the Mounted Rifles hat, however the "lemon squeezer" was retained as the ceremonial headdress for the Colour Parties.

This set shows the six person Colour Party with the (then) Queen's Colours and Regimental Flag, Regimental Sergeant-Major and three Officer Cadets, two female and one male.