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United States Navy, Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Crew

In today’s modern American Navy the aircraft carrier is the dominant element of United States sea-power. The most flexible of warships the carrier can operate an infinite variety of weapon systems through her unique ability to quickly launch and recover a complete inventory of combat and surveillance aircraft.


Since the early days of World War II, the supremacy of carrier operations has been assured by the legendary efforts and professional teamwork demonstrated by aircraft carrier flight deck crews.

These heroic sailors are vital contributors to the magnificent epic that is Naval aviation.

Flight Deck Crews Colour Code

White :

Safety Crew
Signal Officer
Plane Inspector

Red :

Crash Crew
Salvage Crew

Blue :

Tie-Down Crew
Elevator Operators
Tractor Operators

Purple :

Fuel Crew


Green - 

 Catapult / Arresting Crew 


Yellow - 

 Flight Deck Officer 

Plane Director 

Aircraft Director 

Arresting Gear Director 


Brown - 

 Enlisted Plane Captain 

Inspector & Service Crew