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Recent Civilian Releases

Our latest releases of Town and Around and non-military figures.

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Display label holders
Display label holders Sale priceFrom $30.00 NZD
TA75 Fly Fisherman
TA75 Fly Fisherman Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA74 Sandwich Board man
TA74 Sandwich Board man Sale price$90.00 NZD
TA73 Father Christmas
TA73 Father Christmas Sale price$140.00 NZD
TA72 Organ Grinder and Monkey
TA72 Organ Grinder and Monkey Sale price$100.00 NZD
TA71 Piggyback Girls
TA71 Piggyback Girls Sale price$70.00 NZD
TA70 Tiny Gooseherd
TA70 Tiny Gooseherd Sale price$90.00 NZD